Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Was Almost Finished

A BIG Hello to all my friends over on Random Hearts 
I forgot last week to say my blog post was a part of

Check out this wonderful place!

the Kitchen- Blacksburg VA-Sept 7, 2011

I was finishing the last batch of tomatoes for canning...

By my count there is about 4 or 5 hearts on my cutting board.
I am beginning to think all tomatoes are filled with hearts... are yours??
We are blessed more than we can ever know.
Have a great weekend-

PS I will be adding a blog post on my other blog on Friday chronicling my maiden voyage into canning since last week.  My husband is the kitchen diva at my house - but he is way for 3 weeks.  So I decided to occupy my time by learning something new-


Inger-M said...

So cute, and sweet and tasty to, probably! Great finds!

~Cheryl said...

Canning tomatoes .... oh, what memories you have stirred up! The hearts you have found are awesome. Thank you for sharing them!

Clytie said...

How come MY tomatoes don't have hearts??? Maybe I'm not looking close enough, eh?

I read with interest that you have been canning ... It's been a couple of years since I did that, and I've been feeling the urge to take it up again. We had a bumper crop of tomatoes that year, and I put up 40 quarts of sliced, diced, whole, halved, and 'Italian' style tomatoes. They were so good!

Mmmmmmmm, thank you for the inspiration!!!

And for those gorgeous tomato hearts! I will be looking more carefully at my produce now!!!