Friday, July 29, 2011

I know I have not been posting hearts lately despite that I have been continuing to find many hearts and sharing them with my sister. I have been very busy with my daughters wedding on July 23, here is a link to the story of the day- full of love and heart.  

Here are a two of the hearts I found during the wedding weekend-

Zinc Restaurant after the rehearsal- July 21, 2011

And this one is very dear to my heart... 
I made this bouquet for my daughter on her wedding day.
It was not made to be a heart.
I placed it in the ice bucket in the dressing room and snapped a photo-
Today I looked at it
and it is a hydrangea  and rose heart shaped bouquet- 

Bouquet for my daughter on her wedding day - July 23, 2011, New Haven, CT


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Artistic license heart

Artistic license from my main blog -Teri H Hoover Photography

Hahn Horticultural Garden, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg,Va- July 3, 2011

I think I will just say that there is a lot of my creative energy being unleashed upon the world ... just not on my blog at the moment,  July 23 is fast approaching and I am consumed but not overwhelmed. My husband would surely say otherwise. (Our daughter will be married in New Haven CT- )There is a lantern hanging outside from the umbrella with shimmery white tulle with a flickering faux candle inside. You have to test these things. There is a hydrangea in a wine glass on a book with a candle burning on the dining room table - which I just photographed and sent to the grooms mother. She and I are doing the table center pieces together. There is a box of plates, napkins, cups, bottle openers and garbage bags - for the hospitality suite at the hotel.  There is a slideshow of wonderful photos coming together on this very computer that I work on. There is my dress hanging on the closet door frame, and two open suitcases waiting like sentries between the closets.  We are surely doing more than we need- but creativity is spilling out in between quiet walks and moments of prayer. Blessings all.