Monday, June 13, 2011

Weddding Shower Heart

Backyard Garden, Blacksburg Va - June 11, 2011
Please click photo to enlarge- this little heart is worth a peek-

Last Saturday I held a wedding shower at my home ~ my sister Gina surprised me by making the 9 hour trip to be here with us! We both photographed this heart together.

all we can do is smile!


Clytie said...

I can see why you are smiling! What a wonderful happy photo!

I didn't see the heart right off, so I enlarged the photo ... how could I have missed that perfect heart on the table??? It's beautiful!

teri said...

Clytie- ooo thank you! It was such a happy day! And I should make a note on the post that you do indeed need to click on the photo- such a tiny heart!