Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Walk in June with Gina

On June 23, 2011 I was on my Two Mile Circle-  walking my dog Pepper and my phone chimed that I had a text message. It was my sister Gina and she was taking her walk at the same time.  This post documents our walk together 564 miles apart.

I am walking my walk, my head not paying attention to my feet. but my feet didn't mind. When my cell phone ring with its familiar "somebody just texted you" sound. I smile- cuz it is Gina!

Gina's font color is yellow   My font color is purple

Three leaf clover that is all heart-
It sure is... just like you-

On a walk. Thunder in the distance

On  a walk-still and quiet.

Texting and walking don't do it!  I went off the path. LOL.

Nope I am off the trail too.
I like going on walks with you- so does Pepper she gets to sniff more.

Storms getting closer- but still a bit of sunshine-

Putting my heart on the line.

 Hearts from your twisted sister...

Road block... I went under!

so clever...

I guess you got lost-

No just have to stop-to find a dry spot -it is starting to rain!

wet but Yummy!

silly don't get your phone wet-- I am almost home. I want your strawberry - do you see the leaf on top is heart shaped.

(I pick this flower just before coming inside- We will be using hydrangeas for center pieces at my daughters upcoming wedding and I had a "trial center piece" waiting on the table that needed a flower. The flower I picked... you guessed it - it was heart shaped. )

Made it home and look - was setting up a trial centerpiece - and look another heart!


made it home- my pond- oh look it is heart shaped. Boy it's rainin'
talk to you later -

love ya- xoxoxo



Clytie said...

I can't get this silly smile off my face, even when I'm wiping away tears of sheer joy. What a wonderful walk to take with your sister - long distance! I have these kinds of ties to my own sisters ... and your beautiful sister-hearts are absolutely awesome, and remind me of something my sissies and I would do!

Sniff, smile.

MarieElizabeth said...

Such a wonderful collection of heart finds and some fun along the way.

Lyneen said...

How wonderful to be able to share a walk with your sister. My what a lot of hearts you found!!!! TFS

teri said...

Clytie- Once again thank you... You seem to have such a great report with your sisters. And although I started this blog on my own- You have helped me realize it's importance.When a family can share in creating something - or find something of beauty you are building bonds. Thank you for the inspiration and the love- blessings to you and yours!!

teri said...

MarieElizabeth - yup even if my sister and I had found no hearts at all we would still have fun. Thanks for stopping by!-

teri said...

Lyneen- that walk was indeed a blessing- thanks for stopping by

JANN said...

sweet post, I enjoyed viewing your hearts and blog for the first time