Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Walk in June with Gina

On June 23, 2011 I was on my Two Mile Circle-  walking my dog Pepper and my phone chimed that I had a text message. It was my sister Gina and she was taking her walk at the same time.  This post documents our walk together 564 miles apart.

I am walking my walk, my head not paying attention to my feet. but my feet didn't mind. When my cell phone ring with its familiar "somebody just texted you" sound. I smile- cuz it is Gina!

Gina's font color is yellow   My font color is purple

Three leaf clover that is all heart-
It sure is... just like you-

On a walk. Thunder in the distance

On  a walk-still and quiet.

Texting and walking don't do it!  I went off the path. LOL.

Nope I am off the trail too.
I like going on walks with you- so does Pepper she gets to sniff more.

Storms getting closer- but still a bit of sunshine-

Putting my heart on the line.

 Hearts from your twisted sister...

Road block... I went under!

so clever...

I guess you got lost-

No just have to stop-to find a dry spot -it is starting to rain!

wet but Yummy!

silly don't get your phone wet-- I am almost home. I want your strawberry - do you see the leaf on top is heart shaped.

(I pick this flower just before coming inside- We will be using hydrangeas for center pieces at my daughters upcoming wedding and I had a "trial center piece" waiting on the table that needed a flower. The flower I picked... you guessed it - it was heart shaped. )

Made it home and look - was setting up a trial centerpiece - and look another heart!


made it home- my pond- oh look it is heart shaped. Boy it's rainin'
talk to you later -

love ya- xoxoxo


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Wild Hearts - June 2011

Nashville TN- June 25,2011

Clover Heart
I still have not found a four leaf clover- (My brother Dan finds them about once a week all summer long- REALLY)

There's heart rainbows on the kitchen table s

spilled water on my shirt heart...
Hydrangea Heart-  Here's what I have to say bout this on my other blog                              Teri H Hoover Photography

Dandelion puff with heart-

My daughters "save the date" card for her wedding on July 23, 2011

Our Wild Hearts for June 9, 2011
My sisters spider web heart and my two leaf hearts.

Melted cheese heart

Someone cut their grass too short-
upside down heart

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weddding Shower Heart

Backyard Garden, Blacksburg Va - June 11, 2011
Please click photo to enlarge- this little heart is worth a peek-

Last Saturday I held a wedding shower at my home ~ my sister Gina surprised me by making the 9 hour trip to be here with us! We both photographed this heart together.

all we can do is smile!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Wild Hearts June 4, 2011

Carelessly throwing aside the rubber band from around today's mail-
reading a sweet thank you note and smiling~
leaving the card for my husband to see,
I look to see this little heart.