Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Wild Hearts - May 2011

      dining room light heart- May 30, 2011

Windy Rock, Mountain Lake VA- May 29,2011

Before the Wedding Hearts- May 28, 2011 
I had a wedding to photograph on this lovely Saturday- as I was going into the church there behind the wires was a lovely cloud heart.

Another leaf heart-


-Maple tree debris 

Gina was doing laundry- and there was a dirty sock heart-

Dried grass washed into a heart by the rain-

Walking with my husband - I found this puddle.
Three steps later he found this one.

My grandmothers wrought iron chairs- from my sister Mary Anne

Lopsided heart-

We were staying at a friends home by the ocean-
we took a 20 minute walk on the beach...
Avon by the Sea, NJ- May 15, 2011

Avon by the Sea, NJ- May 15, 2011

LOOK what I just found -
I was working on this funny orchid in photo shop- 
and there was a heart!! 
You may have to stand on your head to see it-

Kitchen table, Blacksburg VA-May 5, 2011 

Backyard garden- Pond bubble hearts- May 7, 2011

As May walks on we keep finding more hearts...

Dogwood petal

dogwood petal

Gina's boggy grass surrounded heart
Gina's lichen heart

Dirty sidewalk heart


Clytie said...

What beautiful hearts you have been finding! I love the heart stone, and the bleeding hearts which are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world!

I am so glad you and your sister are sharing the hearts you find together. What a precious bond!

Dani said...

Just love your photos.

Clytie said...

I love your puddle hearts! A wonderful blessing to top a wonderful walk.

I also like the windswept heart ... it looks like maybe lichen or evergreen needles? Beautiful!!!

I'm so glad you linked up with Guest Heart Thursday!

Inger-M said...

What an amazing collection of hearts, I love them all!

Lyneen said...

Fantastic collection of so many hearts... beautiful photography... TFS

teri said...

Wow- Hello everyone!! And thank you for your comments. I am a woman with too many projects- and just saw your comments today. I will be round to visit all your sites directly!blessings- xo teri

Beth Niquette said...

I love your cloud heart! SO perfect for the Sky Challenge! And the rest of your photos are incredible. You are just like my darling Sister Clytie--hearts find you! ((hugs))

~Cheryl said...

What a fantastic collection! WILD! I am truly amazed.

Carolynn said...

These are all so precious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teri, I left a comment on the other page so maybe you didn't see it. These are wonderful. I love what you've done. I thought of you when I found a heart stone in Alaska at the foot of a glacier.

Beth Niquette said...

I was perusing these again--and fell in love with the grass heart--it's just perfect.